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  Father nurses child with measles Father nursing child with pneumonia, a common complication of measles.


2. The UN's 'oil-for-food' programme has helped, but not enough.

The sanctions which the UN imposed after Iraq invaded Kuwait in 1990 don't ban imports of medicines or essential foodstuffs. But they stopped Iraq exporting oil and froze Iraqi bank accounts abroad, so Iraq had no hard currency to pay for imports.

The oil-for-food programme approved in April 1995 allowed Iraq to export $2 billion worth of oil every six months, of which $1.3 billion could be spent on food and medicine, $600,000 would be put into a compensation fund to pay for claims against Iraq for war damages, and $80,000 would go towards UN expenses. But the UN estimates that Iraq needs to spend $2.1 billion on food and medicine every six months just to stop conditions getting worse.