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Paul Eedle

Paul Eedle

Filmmaker and journalist

• Reported from 24 countries on four continents; speaks Arabic
• Director of Programmes at Al Jazeera English 2010-14
• Made films on Iraqi refugee crisis and al-Qaeda's use of Internet
• Produced Channel 4 News's award-winning coverage of Iraq war
• Helped to start independent Iraqi news agency, Aswat al-Iraq
• Founded pioneering online news agency, Out There News
• Ran Reuters news operations in Japan and the Americas

Email paul.eedle AT Twitter @pauleedle


Born in Nigeria, grew up in West Africa, went to school
in Britain. Inspired by the illuminated books of William Blake (father of multimedia!).
Studied Arabic and Islamic history at Cambridge Uni. Why? Arab oil states held the West to ransom in 1973 and nobody understood why.
Travelled to Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Sudan and Yemen learning Arabic. Decided to become a journalist after visiting Lebanon during civil war.

Fakhani ruins
Patrick Worsnip and Paul Eedle outside bombed PLO headquarters in Beirut, 1982
Photo: Sue Eedle

Joined Reuters, trained in London and Brussels. Married Sue, who studied Arabic and Farsi at Cambridge. Based in:
Bahrain: travelled to Saudi Arabia and Gulf states. Reported Iraq-Iran war.
Lebanon: Covered Israeli invasion, Sabra-Shatila massacre, kidnappings of Westerners. War reporting in Iraq.
Iran: Reported maturing of Islamic revolution and war with Iraq. Sue lived wearing veil for nine months.

More of Paul's Story...


Coup d'etat is a novel about a Syrian army captain and a Palestinian guerrilla fighting in Lebanon's civil war.

(This is chapter 1 - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you'd like to read more.)

Paul interviewed on UK's Channel 4 News on the day Al Qaeda bombers attacked London, 7 July 2005
Paul discussing security threats to the UK on Saudi Arabia's al-Ikhbariya satellite TV, January 2005. (Arabic)

Window into the dark heart Insurgent propaganda on the internet reveals Iraq's sectarian civil war. November 2007 How does al-Qaida stay organised when its members are in hiding and scattered across the world? Easy - it runs a website. July 2002


IRAQ: Families search prison for murderers
FT 15 April 2003

IRAQ: Marines shoot civilians
FT 11 April 2003

IRAQ: Saddam topples into Baghdad dust
FT 10 April 2003

IRAQ: Day of two Baghdads
FT 9 April 2003

IRAQ: Resistance weakens
FT 8 April 2003

IRAQ: No hiding place for civilians
FT 7 April 2003

IRAQ: Baghdad's defences crumble
FT 7 April 2003

IRAQ: Wounded stream into hospitals
FT 5 April 2003

IRAQ: Cluster bombs in Hillah
FT 3 April 2003

IRAQ: Civilians blame US for market blast
FT 30 March 2003

IRAQ: Few signs of cracks in regime
FT 24 March 2003

cover Thomas Hardy: The Complete Poems
Minute, unsentimental observation of nature and haunting love poems.
cover The Harafish by Naguib Mahfouz. Arab history from Prophet to dictatorship to (maybe) democracy told as an epic of Cairo's backstreets.
cover Dickens
by Peter Ackroyd
Shows how Dickens turned life into novels by mixing biography with his own neo-Dickensian fiction.
Der Prozess by Franz Kafka. In English The Trial
Life is like being put on trial for a crime without a name, and then shot.
cover The Complete Poetry and Prose of William Blake
Blake saw eternity in mundane, everyday moments, and died singing.
cover East of Eden by John Steinbeck
Good triumphs over evil by sheer willpower. We make our own destiny.
L'Education Sentimentale by Gustave Flaubert
In English Sentimental Education. Our greatest moments are... when not much happened.
cover The Famished Road By Ben Okri
Gave life to the Nigeria I grew up in but never touched.