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Short Films

I Remember Lebanon


September 2006

A journey through memories of Beirut, filmed by Zeina just before the bombs started falling...

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And now also on the BBC Film Network

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Basra After The Brits


TX Channel 4 News December 2007

What does the future hold after after the British have handed over responsibility for security in the Iraqi city? The Iraqi and British governments are talking up a return to normality. But many people who live here tell a different story – or a city ruled by brutal militias, battling for power.

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Saddam On Sale


TX Channel 4 News September 2007

Fancy a tie owned by Saddam Hussein - or his sunglasses? How memorabilia from the Iraqi dictator is now being sold on the internet. Paul Eedle reports for Channel 4 News.

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Fractured Baghdad: The Sectarian Divide


TX Channel 4 News March 2007

Iraq is in a state of civil war. A closer look at two sectarian strongholds - Sunni Adhamiya and the Shia suburb of Sadr City - shows few signs that the US army and the Iraqi regime have much popular support. The story begins at 'The Graveyard of Betrayal' in Adhamiya, where, according to the residents, those slain by Shia militias are buried...Paul Eedle reports.

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Al Qaeda's Safe Havens


TX Channel 4 News April 2007

In Pakistan's lawless tribal areas along the border with Afghanistan, al-Qaida and the Taliban have carved out safe havens since the Americans drove them out of Afghanistan. But local tribal fighters are now battling to expel foreign Qaeda militants. Journalists are mostly banned from the tribal areas but a group of local reporters brave the road out to the battle zone. Paul Eedle reports.

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