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Two Australias

Harold Nelson at Arparra

TX Al Jazeera English September 2010 - watch the film

Out There News investigates for Al Jazeera's People and Power why a massive Australian government programme to tackle poverty, alcoholism and violence in Aboriginal communities has provoked anger and despair among the people it is designed to help.

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Sharks of Kuwait

TX Al Jazeera English August 2010 - watch the film

"I’ve always wanted to swim with sharks, but I never thought that would bring me to Kuwait. I grew up in Dubai, I’m an environmentalist and scuba diver. But sharks, in the Gulf? Nobody thought about them."

Zeina Aboul Hosn was thrilled to be invited to film the first expedition to study sharks in the Gulf. She didn't bargain for the emotional journey ahead.

The Iraqi Candidate: The Result

TX Al Jazeera English June 2010 - Watch the film

Abdulrahman Dheyab's campaign for election to the Iraqi parliament reaches the moment of truth: voting day and the result.

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The Iraqi Candidate

Abdulrahman by the Tigris

TX Al Jazeera English March 2010 - Watch the film

Abdulrahman Dheyab has left his young wife, newborn son and a comfortable life in London to risk his life standing as a parliamentary candidate in Iraq's elections.

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Darfur Plays

TX Al Jazeera English December 2009 - Watch the film

Darfur has been devastated by war for six years. But filmmaker Mia Bittar found a group of young Darfuris determined to heal their country - through street theatre.

Betrayed In Basra


TX Al Jazeera English January 2009

The British Ministry of Defence has abandoned many of the Iraqis who risked their lives as translators for British troops in Basra.

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