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New projects

After three exciting years at Al Jazeera, including much of this year helping to launch Al Jazeera America, I'm resuming running Out There News as a production and consultancy company.

Watch this space!


I'm now at Al Jazeera English in Doha

I'm now at Al Jazeera English, where I'm Director of Programmes. I'm leaving this site up for anyone who would like to watch Out There News's films or read about our history, but Out There News will not be making any new productions.

If you have any ideas or proposals for Al Jazeera English, please get in touch. Al Jazeera English is an amazing opportunity for alternative reporting of the world: news for the many rather than the few. We start where BBC, CNN and the other European and American-based news organisations leave off. I hope to hear from you.

My new email address is Paul.Eedle AT, or you can reach me on Twitter @pauleedle.


Watch the Age of Stupid show from Copenhagen

Franny Armstrong and Lizzie Gillett are broadcasting from the Copenhagen Climate Change meeting all week - watch history in the making.

Why did they do it?

Eight years after the 9/11 attacks, four years after the 7/7 suicide bombings in London, an entire counter-terrorism industry has grown up in Britain. The government is spending £140 million on social programmes to 'counter violent extremism'. But do policymakers really understand what they are doing?

Here is a paper I wrote for a workshop with a group of academics working on "radicalisation" - a term which policymakers use all the time but which researchers find dangerously misleading.

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British media miss new US strategy in Afghanistan

British media have stirred fierce arguments about the war in Afghanistan in the last six weeks, provoked by heavy casualties during Operation Panther's Claw in Helmand. Commentators have lined up to say this is a futile war run by incompetent politicians, fought by an under-sized, under-equipped army.

The mass of coverage, though, has largely missed a vital new part of the story: a total change of strategy by the US...

Read the full piece on the Guardian's Comment is Free

Help the UK Iraq Inquiry to succeed

The UK Iraq Inquiry started work on 30 July and its chair, Sir John Chilcott, promised open hearings and transcripts on the Web. How can we make sure the Inquiry really investigates the questions that British and Iraqi people affected by the war want answered?

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Welcome to the Middle East, 2030

What if Barack Obama can make peace between the Arabs and Israel? It's easy to see how he might fail. But what if he succeeds and really does create a "new beginning between the United States and Muslims"? Here is a first draft of history for the next 20 years.

Our dead and their dead

I was moved visiting the new memorial to the 52 people killed in the 7/7 London bombings. But how about a slightly larger patch of Hyde Park to remember the 100,000 Iraqis killed since America and Britain invaded Iraq in 2003?

London bombing memorial

US Marines test new counterinsurgency strategy

Excellent eyewitness piece by Rajiv Chandrasekaran of the Washington Post on the US Marines launching the first test of the Americans' new counterinsurgency strategy in Afghanistan.

"We're not going to measure your success by the number of times your ammunition is resupplied. . . . Our success in this environment will be very much predicated on restraint," he told a group of officers from the 2nd Battalion, 8th Marines on Sunday. "You're going to drink lots of tea. You're going to eat lots of goat. Get to know the people. That's the reason why we're here."