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Screen the Age of Stupid!

If you're already worried about climate change, this is the film for you. We filmed in Iraq for Franny and Lizzie and got sucked into a life-changing project.

Changing the rules

Maybe King Abdullah's suggestion of a 57-state solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict is more practical than it looks.

The one way Obama may be able to get Israelis - and Americans - to accept concessions for peace is to put the conflict in a much bigger context. America has vital interests in stability, oil supplies, and undermining sympathy for Al Qaeda. Without weakening America's commitment to Israel, Obama can argue that it has to play its part in a bigger picture.

The Palestinian Archipelago

Julien Bousac's map in Le Monde Diplomatique is brilliant.

Palestinian archipelago

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Max Hastings turns a corner

Is Max writing what Barack Obama would really like to say?

The paradox of Israel's pursuit of might

Forty years ago, I was enraptured by Israel's courageous sense of mission. For me today, as for many, that idealism has palled.

The article in the Guardian is a short version of the first of two lectures by Max in Oxford on 'The Limits of Force in the Middle East'. He's due to give the second, on Iraq and Afghanistan, on May 14

Seven Jewish Children

The video of Caryl Churchill's play Seven Jewish Children on the Guardian website made me cry. It tells how good people who suffered so much can persuade themselves of lies. It made other people disgusted and angry.

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Gaza's Unfinished Business

The International Crisis Group's report on "Gaza's Unfinished Business" is thorough and thoughtful and based on lots of first-hand reporting. But it assumes that the way to make peace between Israel and the Palestinians is to revive the "peace process" which began at the Madrid conference in 1990. Yet everything that's happened over the last decade shows that this process has utterly failed to deliver for either side.

Maybe it's time for a completely new start. Maybe instead of revilng Hamas and the Israeli right, we should at least listen to them and think how to start from now instead of dragging them back to a 1990s game that has failed.